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For many years I struggled to lead in a difficult environment. My colleagues seemed to thrive on conflict. I sure didn’t. I tried to be a servant, but I couldn’t compete with their charisma and intensity.

Whether you lead in a church or the marketplace, you probably relate to Tom Harper’s desire to serve with strength. This book is the result of his three-year search through the Bible for wisdom on how to establish authority, overcome resistance, develop boldness, and manage conflict.

In Servant Leader Strong, you’ll discover hundreds of Bible verses and concepts that can help you rise to a new level of courageous, Christ-like leadership.

  • What does the Bible say about leadership? If you’ve ever asked that question, this book is for you. Tom Harper unpacks the fundamentals of leadership and gives us biblical grounding for what healthy, God-honoring leadership looks like. He’ll challenge and broaden your view of servant leadership and equip you with a biblical framework for high-performance leadership.

    Jenni Catron
    Jenni Catron Author, speaker, and founder of The 4Sight Group

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